The Best Websites and Apps to Learn to Program From Scratch

Want to learn to code, but don’t have a lot of money or time? This post will show the best Web pages and apps to learn to program from scratch . Well, there are some courses on the internet that will provide you with all the tools to become a web programmer. Because of that, the demand for programmers has grown a lot. It is even believed that unemployment is non-existent in these professionals. That is, training in this area will open a range of job opportunities.


  • Programming is a lot of fun : creating programs and applications is a fun and dynamic process, where you have to solve problems to move forward.
  • Programming teaches you to think and reason : programming has no patterns or recipes, it is like playing chess. Well, it is based on strategy and reasoning because when writing a command any error will make it not work.
  • There is no unemployment : Programmers are in such demand that job offers abound. Also, if you stand out professionally, the work will not stop.


Actually, the programming language that you should learn will depend on your interests . Because the program used to build a web page does not work to create an application.

In this sense, you must first define whether you want to learn programming for fun, professional interest, or starting a business. After defining your interests you can choose which program you want to learn.


Codecademy is considered one of the best platforms to learn to program from scratch . Well, it is interactive and guides the learner step by step until he achieves his goal. Then, as you progress, you will increase the level of difficulty. It should be noted that on this site you can learn Python, JQuery, PHP or HTML.


It is a web page where you learn a programming language through challenges. Which help you acquire knowledge of the program from scratch. Among the languages ​​used on the platform are C #, Java, Python or Javascript.


Through this platform you can have access to free courses and tutorials. Which are learned through the gamification technique, where the proposed objectives are coupled with the student.

Finally, you already know some of the best websites and apps to learn to program from scratch. Among which are Codewars, Bitdegree and Programmr, Codeasy. Also, the most prominent applications are Sololearn, Mimo, Grasshopper and Programming Hero. Remember that testing, playing and research are the key to getting started in the world of procreation, an exciting path full of great challenges.